Thursday, 13 October 2016

CARHA Hockey - NHL Fantasy Pool Now Open!

Are you looking for a fun, free and exciting Fantasy Hockey Pool to take part in this season? The iPlayHockey NHL Fantasy Pool is a great way to compete against hockey fans from all over. As always, the iPlayHockey NHL Fantasy Pool is free to participate in and features some amazing prizes. This year, the First Place winner will receive a $250 NHL Shop gift card! The Second Place prize is a Rogers NHL GameCentre subscription for the 2017/18 season Third Place will receive a great iPlayHockey Swag pack (valued at $150). All you need to do is head over to to create an account and select your team. Remember to make your selections before Monday, October 17th to be part of this years’ pool. Good luck!

Friday, 7 October 2016

CARHA Insurance - Coverage Information

Once again CARHA Insurance has been purchased for all full time participants that are in good standing with the league.

Please view the following link for additional details CARHA Insurance

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Schedule 2016/17

WeekDateTime 12:00 noonTime 1:00 pm
41-Oct-2016Black vsWhiteGoldvsRed
58-Oct-2016Black vsGoldWhitevsRed
615-Oct-2016WhitevsGoldBlack vsRed
722-Oct-2016RedvsGoldBlack vsWhite
1119-Nov-2016WhitevsRedBlack vsGold
1226-Nov-2016Black vsRedWhitevsGold
1624-Dec-2016No Games - Christmas Eve
1731-Dec-2016No Games - New Years Eve
187-Jan-2017Black vsWhiteGoldvsRed
1914-Jan-2017Black vsGoldWhitevsRed
2021-Jan-2017WhitevsGoldBlack vsRed
2128-Jan-2017RedvsGoldBlack vsWhite
2525-Feb-2017WhitevsRedBlack vsGold
264-Mar-2017Black vsRedWhitevsGold

Thursday, 22 September 2016

PHL - Seeks Additional Full Time Players

The league is almost full but we are still a few bodies short. If you do know of anyone wishing to join and is 35 or over please do get them into the league.

Here is the ad as it appears on line.
Well Established Hockey League Seeks Participants for the upcoming Season

Looking for full-time and occasional spare players (skaters and goalies) for our well-established men's hockey league in Ottawa:

Location: McNabb Arena in Centretown (180 Percy St. at Gladstone Ave.);
Competition Level: Recreational pick-up (i.e. no "goons or ringers" allowed);
Calibre: Mix of all skill levels.
Teams are balanced/altered to maintain competitive balance, fairness and fun.
Ages: 35 and up;
Number of Teams: Four (4) teams of 10 skaters plus a goalie;
Game Start Times: Saturdays at noon and 1 PM;
Looking for occasional/spare players/goalies for the upcoming season;
Primarily looking for full-time players for the upcoming season;

If interested, please respond to the above email contact with your age and self-ranking of skill level ("A", "B", "C", or "D");

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

PHL Start-up Date September 10th

The season starts September 10th with Gold vs Red at 12:00 and White vs Black at 13:00. Additional scheduled games to follow.

Please note the cost includes CARHA hockey insurance. For details on the insurance please visit

As it has been for the past several season goalies we will pay a nominal amount of $125 to reduce the skater league fees.

League Players Fees
  • Exact cost for skaters is $400 and goaltenders, $125 **if paid in the first 3 weeks
  • A minimum of $225 must be paid within the first three weeks of the season
  • Although full payment is preferred, should you wish to pay in 2 installments an additional $25 will be added to the cost making the total cost $425
  • Cheques made payable to "Prescott Hockey"
  • Preferred method is INTERAC e-Transfer for paying league fees.  For more information please view Email Funds Transfer and send them to prescotthockey email address.
  • All moneys must be remitted to the league treasurer by 14:30 17-Dec-2016
  • If you are a regular league participant your cost to spare for another team is $8
  • If someone spares from outside the league the cost has risen to $17
  • Strong consideration is being made to restricting each team to one spare per game
  • Should a team's lineup have two or more players than the opposing team, a player transfer will take place for that game to bring the players total to the same or within one
Note: Every consideration must be made by the captain or their delegate to maintain a competitive balance for each game. This is to be respected by each player.

The PHL blog can be found at and will be populated with news, information and the schedule.

Here are first four weeks of the schedule.
Date                                 Time 12:00                Time 13:00
September 10, 2016        Gold    vs   Red      White   vs   Black
September 17, 2016        Gold    vs  White    Red      vs   Black
September 24, 2016        Red     vs  White    Gold     vs   Black
October 1, 2016              Black   vs   White   Gold     vs   Red
If you cannot make a game in the first few weeks please let us know as we do have players interested in participating, so please send notice well in advance.

Thanks and see you on the ice.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Prescott Hockey League - Recruiting Players

Gentlemen, please crop and send the information below the line along to your contacts from other hockey leagues (e.g. conveners, managers, teammates, organizers, and guys with master email rosters of those other leagues/groups).

Please make sure that the replies are sent to email address

Well established league is looking for full-time and occasional spare players (skaters and goalies) for our men's hockey league in Ottawa:
  • Location: McNabb Arena in Centretown (180 Percy St. at Gladstone Ave.);
  • Competition Level: Recreational pick-up (i.e. no "hot heads" allowed);
  • Calibre:  Mix of all skill levels.  Teams are competitively balanced to maintain equity/fairness and fun.
  • Ages: 35 and up;
  • Number of Teams:  Four (4) teams of 10 skaters and a goalie;
  • Game Times: Saturdays at noon and 1 PM;
  • Looking for a few occasional/spare players/goalies for the 2016-2017 season;
  • Looking for full-time players for the 2016-2017 season;
  • Contact:
If interested, please respond to the above email contact with your age and self-ranking of skill level ("A", "B", "C", "D" or "E")
Hope to see you in the Fall !!!!

Season 2016-17 Looking Forward

Please take a moment and let the league know if you are returning next season. We would like to know how many spots need filling by mid summer. Please reply so we can maintain contact with you. Also if you find someone that fits the league please pass their information along so we can get in touch with them when the time comes. Note there is a post on this blog that refers to recruiting new players please do take the opportunity to circulate accordingly.

One of the changes for next year will be the removal of the NTC - No Trade Clause. The league executive will reserve the right to move players to create a more competitive balance between the four teams in the league.

Thanks again and keep looking for an email in the late summer and we will see you in the fall !!!!!