Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Prescott Hockey League - League Support


The Prescott Hotel has extended an offer that when we are at the hotel we receive a team credit for a percentage of our receipts. When you (or anyone that you know) are a patron of the Hotel simply tell your server that you're part of the Prescott Hockey League. They will apply a percentage of your receipt for use during league events like the Xmas and Year End get togethers.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

Team Jerseys - Ownership

Team jerseys are the property of the League. Your captain is responsible for your team's jerseys and you are responsible for the jersey you have been provisioned with. It is incumbent upon you and your captain to ensure that your jersey is returned at the end of this season.

The following link provides details on jersey assignments and those not returned from this and  previous year(s).

In summary:
- players make sure you return all jerseys to your respective captains
- captains make sure you get your teams jerseys back from all your players

The following is a list of players that have jerseys that belong to the league. Should you see or cross paths with these people please ask that the jersey be returned.

Black Team - Branden Hierlhey, Greg Neff
Red Team - Alex Swan
White Team - Cheech Lanthier

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Friday, 2 February 2018

Hobey Baker Award - Vote for Randy's Son

From Randy P.

 My son Derian was nominated for this years Hobey Bakey Award. As you may be aware this is the top award in NCAA Hockey. There are 1800 players in the league and the committee has selected 74 players. Derian Plouffe is currently in the top ten and being from one of the smaller universities I'm asking you to level the voting field.

Ottawa Citizen - Comeback from Brain Injury published February 6th/2018
Web Link Click here to vote for Derian
Facebook Link Click here to vote for Derian

To vote you'll need to scroll down after accessing the link above and click on Derian's picture.
Then scroll down to bottom of page and hit submit.
Then it will ask you to logon to Facebook.
Then it will say your vote has been made. 
Everybody is permitted to vote once a day until March 4.
Thank you for voting, it's very much appreciated.

Note: Please return often to vote and also forward the link.

Pat Curran Memorial Tournament - February 24th

Next month CARHA Hockey will be hosting the Annual Pat Curran Memorial Tournament. The Tournament will be taking place on Saturday, February 24th at the University of Ottawa from 11:30am to 6:30pm, and this year it will be introducing a new 3 on 3 format for both the Men’s and Women’s divisions. The Tournament is always a great time and this year’s 3 on 3 format is going to create a very unique experience. 

Click here for more details

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Spare Money - Update - Seeking Remedy

This happened once again yesterday with spares participating but not paying their $$$. As a group we have to be vigilant and seek a solution. I will take all suggestions and we will vote on what to do with those individuals and the associated captains not complying. 
Unfortunately the spare money payment honour system has gone amiss and some participants are taking advantage of the absence of captains. Some players fail to recall that they have played and some say they will "pay next week" and don't.  No Longer !!

Effective immediately:
- NO money - NO play - NO exceptions   

Borrow from a teammate if need be and pay up before or during the warm up. The league no longer takes promissory notes.

Spares from outside the league = $18
Spares from inside the league = $7

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter.

Participating Players

The following is a list of those full time participants both skaters and goalies. Captains reserve the right to move players.

Black   10+1   Jerseys not returned-1(Branden Hierlhey),10(Greg Neff),12(Greg Neff)
00-Alan B 100%
G-Kyle W  100%
01-Taken by (Branden Hierlhey)
02-Francesco P *********  93%
03-James C  100%
04-Ryan J  100%
05-Mike P  100%
06-Mike M  100%
07-Stefan F  100%
08-Ken N  100%
09-Don V  100%
10-Taken by (Greg Neff)
11-Dwayne T  100%
12-Taken by (Greg Neff)

Gold   10+1   All jerseys accounted for
00-Mark T  100%
01-Andrew M  100%
04-Greg S  100%
05-Steve M  100%
06-Vernon F  100%
07-Andre C  100%
08-Andrew S  100%
09-Jamie N  100%
11-Mario L 100%
12-Sam H 100%
14-Tom T  100%

Red  10+1   Jerseys not returned-12,14
G-Grant G 100%
02-Nick R  100%
03-Jeff M  100%
04-Luc S  100%
05-Mike C  100%
06-Brian J 100%
07-Craig C 100%
08-Dwayne B  100%
09-John V  100%
10-Jean G  100%
11-Harry M  100%

White  10+1    Jerseys not returned-3(Michel "Cheech" Lanthier)
G-Glen B  100%
02-Jean-Phillipe C  100%
03-Taken by (Michel "Cheech" Lanthier)
04-Brian S  100%
05-Jean-Yves C 100%
06-Jayson P 100%
07-Paul K  100%
08-David K  100%
10-Erik T  100%
11-Kris B  100%
12-Dave W 100%
14-Glen M 100%

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Chirstmas Get Together

Our Christmas Get Together will be December 9th.

We plan on meeting at the Prescott Hotel after our games and possibly the league will provide pizza for those in attendance.

Please let your captain know if you are going to attend so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you.