Thursday, 21 September 2017

Spares Needed - The weather is taking it's toll on hockey games.......

Many players have been opting to stay out of the rink due to the great weather.

Please don't be shy - show up early or stay later to play a second game. It will cost you only $7 payable to the captain.

Thanks ....... M

Participating Players

The following is a list of those full time participants both skaters and goalies. Captains reserve the right to move players.

Black   9+1   Missing-1(Hierlhey),10(Neff),12(Neff)
00-Alan B 100%
G-Kyle W  100%
01-Unaccounted for (Hierlhey)
02-Francesco P ******  47%
03-James C  100%
04-Ryan J  54%
05-Mike P  100%
06-Mike M  100%
07-Stefan F  54%
08-Ken N  54%
09-Don V  100%
10-Unaccounted for (Neff)
11-Dwayne T  100%
12-Unaccounted for (Neff)

Gold   10+1   Missing-2(Lee)

00-Mark T  100%
01-Andrew M  100%
02-Unaccounted for (Lee)
04-Greg S  54%
05-Steve M  100%
06-Vernon F  54%
07-Andre C  100%
08-Andrew S  47%
09-Jamie N  100%
10-Pierre-Luc G 50%
11-Mario L 47%
14-Tom T  100%

Red  10+1   Missing-1(Swan),12,14

G-Grant G *  100%
01-Unaccounted for (Swan)
02-Nick R  54%
03-Jeff M  70%
04-Luc S  100%
05-Mike C  54%
06-Bill K  56%
07-Craig C 100%
08-Dwayne B  100%
09-John V  100%
10-Jean G  100%
11-Harry M  100%
12-Unaccounted for
14-Unaccounted for

White  10+1    Missing-1(Buck),3(Lanthier),4(West),12(Braden)
G-Glen B  100%
00-Kris B * 100%
00-Glen M 100%
00-Brian S  54%
01-Unaccounted for (Buck)
02-Jean-Phillipe C  100%
03-Unaccounted for (Lanthier)
04-Unaccounted for (West) 
05-Jean-Yves C 100%
06-Jayson P 100%
07-Paul K  100%
08-David K  54%
09-Grant T  54%
10-Erik T  100%
11-Unaccounted for
12-Unaccounted for (Braden)
14-Unaccounted for

2017/18 Season News and Notes

Once again CARHA Insurance is being purchased for all full time participants. For details on the insurance please visit specifically CARHA Insurance

League Players Fees
  • Exact cost for skaters is $430 and goaltenders is $125
  • A minimum of $230 must be paid within the first three weeks of the season
  • Preferred method is INTERAC e-Transfer for paying league fees.  For more information please view Email Funds Transfer and send the transfer to the prescotthockey email address.
  • Cheques made payable to "Prescott Hockey"
  • All moneys must be remitted to the league treasurer by 14:30 23-Dec-2017
  • If you are a regular league participant your cost to spare for another team is $7
  • If someone spares from outside the league the cost has risen to $18
  • for insurance reason only registered spares may participate in the league 
 Note: The league strives to get 40 skaters and 4 goalies fully paying their league fees ASAP.  Once this is completed and all deficits have been negated the regular league participants wishing to spare will do so at no additional cost. 

Competitive Balance Every consideration must be made by the captain or their delegate /designate to maintain a competitive balance for each game and team. This is the jurisdiction of the respective team captains and is to be respected by all participants. 

If you cannot make a game please let your captain know as we do have players interested in participating and please do so by sending a notice ASAP.

Thanks and see you on the ice.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Schedule 2017/18

WeekDateTime 12:00 noonTime 1:00 pm
430-Sep-2017Black vsWhiteGoldvsRed
57-Oct-2017No GameNo Game
614-Oct-2017Black vsGoldWhitevsRed
721-Oct-2017WhitevsGoldBlack vsRed
828-Oct-2017RedvsGoldBlack vsWhite
1225-Nov-2017No Early GameBlack vsGold
132-Dec-2017Black vsRedWhitevsGold
1730-Dec-2017Black vsWhiteGoldvsRed
186-Jan-2018Black vsGoldWhitevsRed
1913-Jan-2018WhitevsGoldBlack vsRed
2020-Jan-2018RedvsGoldBlack vsWhite
2417-Feb-2018WhitevsRedBlack vsGold
2524-Feb-2018Black vsRedWhitevsGold
2817-Mar-2018No Early GameRedvsWhite
2924-Mar-2018Black vsWhiteGoldvsRed
3031-Mar-2018Black vsGoldWhitevsRed

Wrap up the Summer with Molson Canadian!

Much to the sadness of Canadians everywhere, it's September 1st. One more long weekend and summer is officially over.
Let's not hang our heads though - it was a fantastic summer and this season ending simply means it's almost time for hockey season, anyway!
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Win your Way to the Ottawa Senators Home Opener!

The hockey season is just weeks away and CARHA Hockey has managed to come across a pair of tickets to the Ottawa Senators home opener!
Luckily for you, we're feeling generous and we want to send two lucky members for a night out at the Royal Oak (with a $50 gift certificate) and to the Senators vs. Capitals game!
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Moscow Old-Timers Tour!

The International Hockey Friendship Cup in Moscow provides an adult tournament getaway like no other. Great hockey action and partying with a touch of culture in the heart of Russia. We recently sat down with Steve Basadur, co-founder of the tournament, to ask him a few questions about the experience. 

Take a chance on Moscow. The tournament promises five great days packed with hockey, partying and a touch of cultural awareness for an extremely competitive price. New friends and memories that will last a lifetime await you!

for the complete article please use this url